Thursday, January 12, 2012


       Everyone needs to see the ocean at some point in their life.  I mean actually see it, not just pictures.  Pictures are great and all, but with the ocean, pictures mean nothing.  Especially if they're pictures of all those pristine beaches in Mexico or Australia.  That's not how the sea is; that's how travel agencies want you to think the sea is.  Don't go anywhere like that, seriously.  The "pristine" beaches get crowded because of their "pristine"-ness.  If you want to play in the surf, go ahead.  But at some point in your life, go somewhere else.  Maybe somewhere with tide pools.  I can't tell you about East Coastline, but I can say that Northern California, at least, can show you what the sea is really like.  You can't see the ocean as itself at Waikiki.
       If you haven't been to a place where the ocean speaks, and no one is there to interrupt; where waves crash against rocks like they have for millennia; where whole worlds live at your feet; where the pristine blue ocean shows its true colors. . . find that place.

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