Friday, March 22, 2013

This Picture is Redundant.

I made this in Minecraft in about an hour.  I know for a fact that it works.  It's made from quartz and obsidian.  I have a superflat world that I use for non-redstone builds.  If anyone reading this has a suggestion for what to build, let me know in comments, or on Facebook if you know me there.  I won't do much pixel art; I don't like it.  What I will do, I'll do with as little wool as possible.  If it's a redstone contraption, I'll use my other superflat world.  I may post stuff that was suggested on here at some point, if I like how I've done it.  Lifelight pyramid may get a picture here at some point!
Anyway, this QR code is a real code, and will take you to a website.  I'm going to let viewers figure out the site.