Sunday, June 24, 2012


I know I’ve been a little irregular with my posts, like posting three in a week and then not posting for three months.  So I’ve decided to start posting a little more regularly.  I’ll try to set a particular day that I’ll post on every week or two.  I’ve almost always got something to write about, I just forget.  With a new system like this, I won’t forget to post this stuff.  So yeah, this update post will be like my shortest one ever, but there will be more to make up for it.  If you'rer a regular reader of my stuff, you're probably annoyed by my lack of posts.  I hope to change that.  Not everything I do will be its own post; one of the things I'll do is post Nakajet images.  But just check once every week or two and I'll probably have something new!