Monday, October 10, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

       1040 pumpkins.  That's how many are at our church's annual pumpkin patch.  We (the youth group + a bunch of adults) had to unload these 1040 pumpkins last Saturday.  The giant truck containing them took up the length of our parking lot, and almost hit a silver VW bug backing in!  We had 3 wagons and a couple of wheelbarrows, but they were mainly for the small ($2 size or less) pumpkins.  Once we got to the big ones, we had to get a sort of bucket line going.  The really big ones were still transported by wagon, though.  The line disintegrated more than once, often when there was a delay of more than a few seconds between pumpkins.  They were placed all around the church steps and lawn, and this wooden trailer we get every year.  Once the trailer got there, the truck had to move around to the front of the church so that our line could get to the lawn.
       There were pumpkins of every shape and size.  Anyone who got a really heavy one had to warn the next person by saying, and I quote this directly, "Heavy!"  I started also saying "heavier than it looks!" because there are some green ones (I'm not sure if they're pumpkins or just gourds) that don't look heavy, but are solid or something.  A lot heavier than they look.
        We sell them by size - smallest are tiny, only 25 cents; the largest can be up to $20!  The $20 ones are the ones that were loaded onto the wagons.
        It can wear you out, passing pumpkin after pumpkin to a person, even in our zigzag bucket line (easier on your back than when everyone faces the same way).  Regardless of the fact that it's Monday and I'm still sore, it was really fun seeing all these pumpkins.

P.S. Apparently this computer won't let me upload images right now; when it does, I'll upload some pix of the patch that I took.  I didn't get any of the unloading day, anyway, though.