Monday, February 7, 2011

Hey, I want a kids' menu, too!

Growing up is overrated.  All of the stuff you loved as a kid can no longer be enjoyed in public, or enjoyed period.  Playgrounds are too small, and schools above elementary school don't have them anyway.  Why not create a bigger playground for bigger kids?  And what about kids' menus?  Heck, I'm 14 and I can still get a kids' menu for kids 12 and under, but I'll bet my dad couldn't.  What if an adult wants a kids' menu for the smaller, cheaper meals and/or coloring pages?  There's only been one that I think is good: Red Robin's.  It says that the menu is for "kids, seniors, and those with small appetites".  I'm not exactly a kid, I'm definitely not a senior, but I do have a small appetite.
Okay, this idea is taken from Lauren Myracle's book l8r g8r, but it's still a great idea:  A national Kid Again day (called Pigtail Day in the book.)  where everyone wears their hair in pigtails and says, "to heck with being grown up!" for the day.  Or better yet, have a place where you can go to be a kid, even if you aren't one physically, anytime you need a break.
Most kids want to be tall when they grow up.  I say, it's overrated, too.  I'm not tall.  And I don't want to be.  I'd rather be able to get kid size shoes, and youth size clothing.  Not only are they more interesting/comfortable, they're usually cheaper.
Everyone just needs a break from the grown-up world of reality, go back to their childhood, and say, "Hey, I want a kids' menu, too!".

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