Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bulk Bears

Albertsons has a series of shelves near the produce/cheese/lunchmeat area that is specifically for bulk foods.  I see all sorts of dried fruits, and grains, and leafy things.  All of which are either dark or tannish, right?  But as I'm looking through the shelves, not really identifying most of the items, I see a splash of bright color.  Multiple bright colors, actually.  I look back, and I see a bag of gummi bears.  Among fruit and grain and healthy leafy things.  I see no other sweet, candy-like, preservative-laden things on the shelf - so why gummi bears?  And who buys gummi bears in bulk?  People with more than one kid, I guess.  Kids that like gummi bears.

This reminded me - somewhere in the world, there is a chandelier made out of gummi bears.  Really, it's pretty clever.  It gets soft in the summer, but doesn't melt, it's brightly colored, and bugs don't like it.  I guess bugs like natural food.

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